Prices for the Concept Wheel- Design your own Wheel from Components January 23 2015

The Basic versions of the S10 Wheel, have no flyer, bobbins or other accessories.  You have to choose what you want from the lists below.  

Choose your base version first.... ie decide on

  • single or double treadle
  • the type of wheel
  • whether you want Irish or Scotch tension

ST = single treadle     DT = double treadle  

IrT = Irish tension (Bobbin lead)      ScT = Scotch Tension (Flyer lead)


There are 3 wheel types:

  • Classic, the circle with the single hole
  • 3 spokes and 5 spokes

Concept Wheel variants

Base Versions -Irish Tension

SCO111   S10C   ST /  Classic Ir T ("S10")           $501.50
SCO112   S10C   DT/   Classic Ir T ("S10DT")      $592

SCO113   S10C   ST /  3 spoke Ir T                      $515
SCO114   S10C   DT/   3 spoke Ir T                      $605

SCO115   S10C   ST /  5 spoke Ir T                      $524
SCO116   S10C   DT/   5 spoke Ir T                      $614

Base Versions - Scotch Tension

SCO117   S10C   ST /   Classic ScT                    $562
SCO118   S10C   DT/   ClassicScT                      $652

SCO119   S10C   ST /   3 spoke ScT                   $575
SCO120   S10C   DT/   3 spoke ScT ("S11")        $665

SCO121   S10C   ST /   5 spoke ScT                   $584
SCO122   S10C   DT /   5 spoke ScT                   $674


Flyers and Bobbins for the Irish Tension Base

SAO124   Flyer IrT   regular sliding glides           $95
SAO125   Flyer IrT   regular hooks                      $75
SAO131   Flyer IrT   bulky, hooks                        $81
SAO135   Flyer IrT   art yarn                              $141
SAO132   Flyer IrT   high speed sliding glides     $95


SAO102   Bobbin IrT  regular                              $30
SAO112   Bobbin IrT  bulky / art yarn                  $40.50
SAO113   Bobbin IrT  high speed                        $30
SAO115   Bobbin IrT  high speed fat core           $63

Flyers and Bobbins for the Scotch Tension Base

SAO144   Flyer ScT   regular, sliding glides       $95
SAO145   Flyer ScT   regular,  hooks                  $81
SAO147   High Speed set ScT                          $236

SAO104   Bobbin ScT regular                             $27
SAO114   Bobbin ScT  high speed                      $27

 Louet Concept wheel Accessories

Lazy Kates

SAO119   Stand alone lazy kate                         $145
SAO121   Block for twine race                              $46.50
SAO122   Twine rack                                            $19.50
SAO143   Twine rack ScT                                     $19.50

Various Spinning Accessories 

SAO100    Stand Alone skeinwinder                     $170
SAO101    Niddly noddy                                          $48
SAO140    Concept Wheel Bag  S10C/S11           $150
SAO142   Threading Hook SCT                              $10

Interchangeable Basic Parts
SCO101   S10C    Upright, hardware, tools and manual  $152
SCO102   S10C    Base single treadle                             $173
SCO103   S10C    Base double treadle                            $263 
SCO104   S10C    Wheel Classic                                     $102
SCO105   S10C    Wheel 3 spoke                                    $116
SCO106   S10C    Wheel 5 spoke                                    $125
SCO107   S10C    Mother of all IrT                                    $75
SCO108   S10C    Mother of all ScT                                $135



These prices include freight from Holland to Epping, Sydney 

When you have selected your components, contact us