Magic Dobby Mechanical Loom

Magic Dobby Mechanical Loom

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The Magic Dobby can be used as a table loom or a floor loom when supported by the stand.

  • The sides can be folded in for transport. 
  • It is 24 shafts, which is a very efficient use of space,  


  • As a table loom, it doesn't have the mechanical advantages of the moving back beam, as on other larger Louet looms, to open a wider shed, so the shed is smaller, but accurate and functional, and the more shafts you need to lift, the more effort you need to make.  


  • The program bars are easy to peg, with one bar per pick of your liftplan. The bars are then joined to form a loop and placed on the loom.
  • The loop advances with each lift.  30 program bars are included with your Mechanical Dobby


When you purchase a Magic Mechanical Dobby loom, consider ordering Weaving Accessories, 

      • Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8”)
      • Second warp beam with back beam, to be placed in the stand
      • Standing beater
      • Flying Dutchman shuttle, specially  developed for this loom
      • additional program bars (lots of 10)
      • a chain weight for use with longer chains
      • additional heddles
      • and later an Electronic Dobby.




      • Your loom may need to be couriered to your home, as it comes in several large parcels.  Please email for a cost before ordering on the website


      • We can assemble your loom for you, or you can assemble it yourself with the instructions that are included.  It is best to assemble it with a friend.


      • Read our terms and conditions


      • Read the Blog page on Magic Dobby, as it gives more information on the Magic Dobby from the Louet website..
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