Octado Mechanical Dobby

Octado Mechanical Dobby

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The  Mechanical Octado is light to treadle, and weaves well.


On the Octado

  • available in 70, 90 and 110cm weaving widths
  • treadling  is very light,
  • a large shed is formed by the rising back beam.
  • good even warp tension with elastic and inelastic yarns, as a result of innovative moveable front beam
  • will weave scarves, wraps and fabrics well.
  • attractive  addition to any room, with its attractive low line, lighter frame, it is visually small
  • pegging and assembly of the mechnical dobby chain is easy
  • reversing the mechanical dobby is easy.
  • It comes with 20 program bars-each pick of your pattern requires one program bar.
  • The electronic dobby can be added at a later date.


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