Victoria Wheel

Every time I ask someone to pick up the little Victoria wheel, they are amazed at how light it is!   Just 3.6 kg!

Its also great to spin on!


The Victoria

  • has Scotch tension
  • has a single belt, and
  • a flyer drive with an adjustable bobbin brake to regulate the tension of the yarn that you are spinning.

Three bobbins and a lazy kate are included with each wheel.


S95 is the lacquered beech version (lighter colour)  of the Victoria.

S96 is the lacquered oak version of the Victoria

The folded size is 14 x 36 x 55 cm (5 1/2” x 14 1/4” x 21 3/4”), for ease of storage or travel.


  • Main wheel: Ø 36 cm (14 1/4”)
  • Ratios: 1:6, 1:8.5, 1:13
  • Orifice: Ø 8 and 12 mm (5/16” and 1/2”), height from the ground 59 cm (23 1/4”)
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb)

The  Victoria Package

consists of
  • Wheel
  • Bag
  • Lazy Kate for 3 bobbins
  • and a total of 5 bobbins

In Oak  $1250

In Beech $1200

Another Option:

You  can order a wheel, (with 3 bobbins), then add accessories of your own choice for your  new wheel

  • Extra bobbins
  • High-speed set with three bobbins (ratio 1:20)
  • High-speed bobbin
  • Third shaft to extend the lazy kate for three bobbins
  • Stand-alone foldable skeinwinder
  • Stand-alone lazy kate with adjustable brake for three  or four bobbins
  • Victoria Art Yarn Head
  • Victoria Wheel Bag


Victoria Art Yarn Head.

 This kit contains a mounting head, driveband and mother of all.

The Victoria Art Yarn kit changes the Scotch Tension Victoria to Irish Tension for making art yarn.

The kit retails for $248 + GST

It uses the S10 Art Yarn flyer  and the S10 Bulky Bobbin  

 Victoria Art Yarn Head


  • Prices listed below are a very good guide, but do change with the exchange rate.  Email  for an invoice.



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