Wall hanging- Script
Wall hanging- Script
Elizabeth Calnan

Wall hanging- Script

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This design reflects the shapes and marks used in writing on ancient tablet and tombs

Pattern is developed by repeating and linking the shapes

Double weave is a double layer of fabric which intersects and changes position from the back to the face layer and vice versa to create the image.

In the weaving program you start with an image of the threads of each layer.  The threads are moved by clicklng or double clicking on them to move them and change the layer on which they will show...

It takes about a week to do the design and check it for errors, a week to dye all the yarns to the colours I want and a week to get it on the loom and weave it. 

Its a wonderful feeling as you wind the hanging off the cloth beam when you see the whole design transformed from a paper image to cloth

Size: 154 cm x 40 cm  

Hand dyed pure silk on a 32 shaft pointed threading.  Original design.