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Looms and Spinning Wheels

Le Clerc Artisat 4 shaft Jack loom

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Location: Epping Sydney

The Artisat is a 4 shaft folding floor loom with a rising shed.  This is an older floor loom in reasonable condition and any part is still obtainable from Le Clerc as they are still being produced. 

It has a frictional brake which can be released while sitting at the loom and and underslung beater.  The beater and front beam can be removed during threading the metal heddles, giving good access and an easy threading position. Extra heddles are included

The tie-up is simple, with each shaft tied to lift by inserting a metal hook through a loop from the lam and then through a loop on the pedal.  Quick and easy! 

There is a  stool which is included in the sale.  

Email if you are interested in this loom.