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Elizabeth Calnan

Wall Hanging- Fruits and Seeds of Life

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The pattern in this wall hanging was developed by repeating the shape in various ways.

The pattern is designed thread by thread and by changing the way the threads are lifted in each pattern repeat, this changes the colour and intensity of the image.  The back of the hanging is the reverse colour.


This hanging reflects our need to keep a seed bank to preserve genetic diversity of our plant species.  The fire-like colouring reminds us that many of our  Australian species only germinate after fire.

All the double weave hangings were woven with the same pointed 32 shaft threading, at 48 ends per inch.  

Each lifting pattern is original and unique to the piece.


Hand-dyed warp and weft in pure silk.  

Size 170 cm ( including fringe) x 40 cm

An image of this wall hanging  was published in "Textiles The Art of Mankind" by Mary Schoeser,  by Thames and Hudson 2012 p 179.