Workshop Etiquette

  • Arrive on time
  • If you arrive late do not expect the tutor to devote more time to you than the other course participants. The tutor should not be expected to repeat information already covered simply because you were not on time.
  • Mobile phones should be turned off when possible. They are a distraction to the tutor and the other students. Should there be a situation requiring you to be available on mobile, exit the room to accept the call.
  • Read all correspondence about your course thoroughly and be ready.
  • Bring all the required equipment to the workshop. Do not expect others to loan the course requirements to you. It is frustrating to have to ask to use your own equipment.
  • If your course has a materials fee please ensure you have the correct money ready for the assistant or tutor.
  • Always remember to bring and use all protective materials.
  • Should preparation work have been called for, you should have it all completed before the workshop. The tutor or other participants should not be hindered by your lack of preparation.
  • All equipment borrowed from another person/ group should be returned by the borrower before the workshop is closed.
  • If the air conditioning is not your favourite thing – sit away from the unit. Others enjoy or need the AC from time to time. If those who don’t like the cool/heat sit as far away as possible usually everyone can be kept happy.
  • Be aware of space. When sharing desks and tables try to remain aware of how much space you are using. It is very easy to spread too far when we get involved in creative pursuits and squeeze others into a too tight workspace.
  • Ask your tutor if photos or video recordings are allowed.
  • Come with an open mind and a sense of humour ready for a day of fun and learning with like-minded members and friends.

These were published as part of the Guild News in February 2014....