Loom Assembly Service

While this is an additional cost in buying your loom,

  • sometimes it is worth getting an experienced person who knows what the loom is meant to do,  and how it should go together, to assemble it,
  • sometimes minute adjustments can make the difference  between a loom that works wonderfully, to one that works well.
  • Loom assembly by an experienced weaver is a good investment!


Assembly costs for

Magic Dobby $150
David $200
Spring $300
Delta $350
Octado $375
Megado $450


Travel Costs

These are related to the distance travelled and whether the distance requires an overnight stay.  Negotiated at time of request for assembly.


Re -Assembly or Adjustment of Older Looms 

Basic $150 plus material used. (texsolv)

 and then rated on the time required, and the loom and travel costs. Please email for a quote. 



Pay by Direct Deposit or