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We have been specializing in Louet products as their equipment is a pleasure to use and have in your home. Their products are innovative and functional in design and the wood is beautifully finished.

Our experience as weavers, spinners and teachers of these crafts has allowed us to test out many products and we are only prepared to sell the best. Recently we have added some Schacht products.

We keep Victoria Spinning wheels, Erica, Jane and David looms in stock but need to order in larger looms.... this may take 12-18 weeks.

Spring 11

Louët is always innovating, bringing you the most comfortable, enjoyable weaving experience.

Read about the Spring 11
  • Schacht Wolf pup 8-10

    This is a small floor loom with plenty of heddles and a good shed. Able to be taken to workshops with the warp on. Read more here

  • Vertical warping mill

    For those of us who dont get sea sick like me, a vertical mill is a quick way to wind a warp

  • Blending board

    Explore your colour cravings, blend all sorts of fibres together and role them off the board as rolags ready to spin

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How to replace footman to treadle connector on Victoria Wheel Video