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Blending Board

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In the box

1 x Blending board with support
1 x Blending brush
3 x Dowels


  • Length, 37cm 
  • Width, 31cm 
  • Depth with support, 16cm 
  • Carding area, 30cm x 30cm 
  • Carding cloth, 72 tpi (tines per square inch)   and 11 mm deep
  • Tines made from high grade plated steel wire
  • Wood  lacquered laminated birch
  • Louet product, made in the Netherlands

 Features of the Blending board

  • Adjustable rotating support and large carding area.

  • The support has 3 locking positions so that you can have three different tilting positions, depending on user preference.

  • You can easily hold the board on your lap and work with it, because the support can rotate. 
  • Includes  a soft bristle blending brush and three dowel rods for drafting and removing fibre.

  • Non-slip rubber feet.


Use the blending board to  blend different types and colours of fibre and make rolags 

You can easily put layers of fibres and colours on it, to create beautiful effects in your spun yarn or felted items.

Rolags made by Deb of Fiberquirks

A variety of fibres can be placed on the board... see board prepared by Paradise Fibres

with wool and mohair.

And using the dowels the fibres are rolled off as a rolag.