About Us


I'm Elizabeth Calnan, a  designer weaver and spinner, and with my friend Marie Clews, a tapestry weaver and spinner, we  began our association with Louet in 2000 when we ordered four Magic Dobby looms for ourselves and two friends. I purchased a Megado 32 shaft Electronic Dobby in 2004 and  Marie's one arrived in 2012. We both weave as often as we can and would really like to weave every day. 


 I have been weaving and teaching for over 35 years and have a real passion for the textile crafts. Through associations with organisations like the N.S.W. Hand Spinners and Weavers Guild, Craft N.S.W.  in the Rocks, North Shore Craft Group and  exhibitions at the Palm House in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, I have become a respected member of the weaving/craft community. I'm a graduate of and was a teacher on the now discontinued T.A.F.E. N.S.W. Textiles Certificate course specializing in Weaving and Spinning.  I have been teaching  similar course work through the Guild and at workshops.  

With modern equipment and  the right skill base, weavers can produce stunning modern and traditional textiles.  We imported Louet looms for ourselves and found our friends wanting similar quality equipment. To reach a wider group of crafts people we decided to set up Looms and Spinning Wheels.  

For beginners and those with  little weaving and spinning experience it is essential to get well designed equipment. Louet products are innovative, have functional design and their woodwork is beautifully finished.

 We would like to invite you to an Open Studio Day to see and try  equipment (held  3 or 4 times a year or by special appointment) at Epping in Sydney, before purchase.

To ensure you  have a satisfying weaving and spinning experience we recommend the setup service for your  weaving equipment. 

  Browse the site, send me a letter or email, give me a call.