Freight prices now need to be considered as an additional cost, when ordering  

All products are coming by air, Louet products with UPS and Schacht products with FedEx.

Air freight is expensive. This shipment of six 70 cm reeds, a Louet Jane 70 stand (5kg) and a light envelope is costing $370 in freight.

 Products can now be drop shipped as well..

Often the actual cost of the freight is unknown until I receive the invoice for the product. but have a few examples for you to consider..

A David or Spring 110 cm loom will be around $1,500 in freight from Holland, plus shipping to your door.

A Schacht Wheel , like a Matchless or a Ladybug, which  come in large boxes, cost $450 to $490 to arrive in Epping, Sydney NSW.  I expect that a Victoria wheel will be $250 more in freight

 Your invoices will include an estimate of the shipping, to be confirmed when the product arrives. 

The last shipment by sea freight is available now, the freight on this equipment is approximately 1/3rd of air freight.

In stock, I have 3 David 3 90 cm, 1 x 110 cm and 1 x 70 cm

I x spring 2 110 cm, some Jane 40 and some Jane 50 table looms, some reeds. After this stock is sold, all stock is coming air freight !!.