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Vertical Warping Mill

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The light weight Louet Vertical Warping Mills makes warping a dream. With its strong stable base and smooth action you will love making all your warps (free from the shoulder strain that often accompanies warping on a board.)

  • The full circumference of the mill is 220cm and the height from top to bottom is 110cm.
  • You can create a warp approximately 16-20 metres in length, depending on the number of ends in your bout and the thickness of your yarn..
  • The horizontal cross members that hold your cross can be re-positioned on any quarter of the mill.
  • The pegs that hold the cross are attached to the cross members with wing nuts which ensure that your pegs will never wiggle loose.
  • To remove the warp from the mill all you have to do is undo the wing nut on your last peg and the peg will slip free.
  • The Louet Vertical Mill folds flat for easy storage. allowing a weaver to have a large warping mill in a small space.  
  • The metal posts are painted so they are very smooth. and the mill turns on a nylon bearing allowing for smooth easy rotation.