The new Generation Spring II

The Spring II has 18 new features.

Robust frame

The rear uprights, the new front uprights and the foot rail are 27 mm instead of 21 mm thick.

Extension to 12 shafts
The rollers for 12 shafts are pre-mounted on the 8-shaft Spring II. This makes adding a 4-harness extension easier when extending to 12 shafts.

New Shaft Connecting Mechanism
The shaft bars can be easily clicked in and out of hooks that remain fastened to the cords, allowing you to easily add or remove heddles. This design also prevents you from inadvertently reattaching the shaft bars to the cords in the incorrect place.


Better accessibility
The shaft sides are also easier to reach due to modified main upright shaping.


Back beam folding mechanism
Securing the back beam section is easier. And when folded, there are no loose parts to remove or potentially lose.


Floating breast beam cord guide
Spring cords are guided by two screw eyes and can therefore no longer run off the wheel.

Beater rail attachment
Attaching the top beater rail is more user-friendly, due to screw knobs.

New clamps
Clamps that serve two purposes in setting the warp are included.


Raddle cover
Inserting warp yarns into the raddle is more convenient and the yarns will not come out while beaming the warp onto the warp beam, due to the addition of two wooden strips that can slide over (and cover) the raddle.


Solid wood warp beam
The warp beam and cloth beam are now made of wood and are a larger diameter. The redesign in this section now allows for easier assembly.


Raising the loom for tie-up!
The option to raise the loom’s height for improved comfort tying-up the treadles, will be available as an accessory- as legs you can optionally mount onto the Spring.

Larger ratchet wheel
Heavier ratchet wheel and pall, ideal for high warp tension, while weaving carpets.


Brake Disc
The brake disc of the warp beam acts as a crank, with a handle that turns in the disc.

Lighter Tredling Action
At the top, the nylon wheels have been replaced by wheels with ball bearings.


Extra heddle space
There is more room for extra heddles on the shafts.


Improved beater movement
The beater movement has a larger radius and so has an improved arc due to longer uprights and a lowered hinge point.

Tie-up spacing
It is easier to hook on and attach the tie-up cords, due to more space between the upper lams and the lower shaft bars as well as smaller screw heads on the treadles.


Breast beam placement
Countersunk holes make it easier to place the breast beam onto the floating arms.

Warping instructions are now included.