Megado Electronic Dobby

Megado Electronic Dobby

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The Megado Electronic Dobby is a dream to weave on- you can weave pattern as fast as you can weave plain weave.    


The Megado Electronic dobby

  • is a low line loom which is easy to use and light to treadle
  • is available as  40, 70,  90, 110 and 130cm weaving widths
  • is available as 16 or 32 shafts in each width.
  • has a rising back beam  which creates a shed similar to a countermarche loom
  • has great warp tension, even when using inelastic yarn, because of its moving front beam


 The computer and software pictured are not included with the megado loom, they are provided by the purchaser.



When ordering a Megado Electronic Dobby, you should also consider whether you want some Weaving Accessories

  • Adjustable bench - 59-72 cm (23 1/4”-28 3/8”)
  • Tilting set for bench
  • Second warp beam with back beam
  • Sectional warp beam
  • Flying Dutchman shuttle
  • Fly shuttle device
  • Beater system support attachment
  • Treadle height adjusting blocks
  • additional heddles


  • Your loom may need to be couriered to your home, as it comes in several large parcels.  Please email for a cost before ordering on the website


  • We can assemble your loom for you, or you can assemble it yourself with the instructions that are included.  It is best to assemble it with a friend.


  • Read our terms and conditions


  • Read the Blog page on Megado as it gives more information on the Megado from the Louet website..


Yes they are expensive,  but look at it as just a few years fees at the local golf course, and imagine your equivalent enjoyment!!!



Prices are being updated, email for a quote.