David 2 floor loom

If you are looking at purchasing a second hand David 2 floor loom, these are its features.

The David 2

  • has a large shed  and a beater with a shuttle race
  • has a sliding beater which beats in each pick with the same angle on the beater... the beat is easy to get even, as it always hits the fell at the same angle
  • beater is adjustable in height
  • is a falling shed floor loom i.e shafts tied to the pedals are pulled down as the pedal is pressed.
  • is easy to tie up, using one tie for each shaft required, same as a jack loom
  • changes in tie-up are easy to do
  • treadling is very light
  • threading is easy as the breast beam and reed are removable and you can sit really close to the heddles to thread
  • it has a frictional brake on the warp beam, and a ratchet and pawl on the cloth beam, making warp tension adjustment or moving the warp forward, easy
  • is available in two weaving widths 70cm and 90cm
  • is a great way to move from a table loom to a floor loom, and a very functional loom for small apartments