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  • Bench for Louet Jane, David spring and Magic Dobby
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Benches and Tilting set

Bench for the Jane with a floor stand, the David 2 and 3, Spring 1 and II and Magic Dobby Looms.

Using the bench that is designed for this use makes for a more comfortable weaving experience. 

Your elbows should be above the breast beam on all the looms and the height allows one to reach forward to the beater. The toggles on your Jane should be below your shoulder level.

The bench

  • is  57cm  or  22 3/8" high.
  • is not adjustable in height or angle
  • is made of  beech and finished with a clear lacquer.
  • bench can be sent by Australia Post
  • the newer bench is wider than the older one, with no gap and weighs 7kg

Bench for the Megado, Octado and Delta

  • is available with a tilting set, which lowers one edge of the seat.
  • is adjustable in height.  One's elbows should  be clear  of the breast beam for comfortable weaving!
  • is a heavy package, Needs to be couriered. Email for the cost.

The Tilting Set

is used with the Octado, Megado or Delta bench to lower one edge of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs as the pedal is pushed down. 

Prices are a guide  and do vary with the exchange us for a fixed price The price includes GST, and air freight from Holland to Sydney. Freight to your home from Epping Sydney is an additional cost.