Carder- Roving Carder or Junior Carder 10cm wide drum

 The Louet Roving Carder 

  • has fine  carding cloth,
  • has long, flexible teeth, which allows a heavier batt to be made.
  • has a  10cm (four inch) wide drum
  • makes a batt of about 10 x75cm  (4 by 30 inches) similar in width to a commercial roving..
  • has  strong enclosed gears for smooth and easy operation.
  • Requires no lubrication 
  • Requires no adjustment of any kind 
  • has no belts that wear out or slip 



If you card fibers occasionally or card for small projects, the Louet Roving Carder is a great way to start drum carding.

  • You can also thoroughly blend colors for heather yarn
  • It is perfect to card fibers for small projects like for socks, hats and scarves. .
  • It has the same carding cloth and solid construction as the Standard Louet Drum Carder,



  • Drum is 10 cm (4") wide and 26.5 cm (10 1/2") in diameter
  • Surface speed ratio is 12:1
  • Teeth are spaced at 72 teeth/sq inch
  • Teeth are 11 mm (3/8") deep
  • Card approximately  15 grams (1/2 ounce) per batt
  • Weight  6 kg  (13 pounds)
  • Carding teeth  are flexible
  • No pre-teasing needed
  • Table Clamps, Doffer Brush and Doffer Pin included


The Louet drum carders

  • are made of laminated birch
  • have a hard white coating.
  • In order to ensure a long life, the teeth on all Louet carders are made of high grade plated steel wire.
  • The gearbox is enclosed to prevent fibers entering the gear system.

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