Delta Floor Loom


  • is a  parallel countermarche loom. When the shed opens, both the upper and lower threads are evenly tensioned
  • has a heavier frame than the Spring
  • suitable for weaving light fabrics to heavy rugs
  • has a moveable front beam, which results in a great shed when using inelastic yarn, and very even warp tension
  • is available in two weaving widths 110cm and 130cm


When ordering a Delta, you may also consider ordering Weaving Accessories.

  • Extension set of four harnesses and four treadles to extend the loom to 12 shafts
  • Pair of treadles for  two extra tie ups
  • Adjustable bench - 59-72 cm (23 1/4”-28 3/8”)
  • Second warp beam with back beam
  • Sectional warp beam
  • Flying Dutchman shuttle
  • Fly shuttle device 
  • Treadle height adjusting blocks for people of shorter statue 
  • additional heddles


  • Your loom may need to be couriered to your home, as it comes in several large boxes.  Please email for a cost before ordering on the website


  • We can assemble your loom for you,  or you can assemble it yourself with the instructions that are included.  It is best to assemble it with a friend.


  • Read our terms and conditions


  • Read the Blog page on Delta as it gives more information on the Delta from the Louet website..



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