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Electronic Dobby

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The electronic dobby can be added to the looms with a mechanical dobby at a later date. It is the black box or wooden box that sits on the side or top of the loom


Advantages of an electronic dobby are

  • no more pegging of the chain
  • allows one to complete a longer pattern
  • wonderful for more complex patterns, such as echo weaves, turned taquete and advancing lifts.

Weaving designs are now made using weaving software, and the lift is sent to the interface pick by pick.  The solenoids are activated, and as you press the pedal down the knife picks up the shafts to be lifted.

With the return of the pedal, the next lift is activated. 


You can weave pattern at the same rate you weave plain weave on a traditional loom

The electronic dobby doesnt do any of the work for you except select the shafts..... you still thread, pedal and weave!!

But it is a whole new way to weave.... no more scaps of paper or magnets on the drawdown marking you place.  

Your weaving software will allow you to select the section of pattern you want to weave, count the picks you have woven, allows you to unweave when you can see a float where threads didnt lift properly... yes you can still make mistakes.... but while you are weaving, it is a much more relaxing experience.

The computer and software that you need are additional costs for the purchaser.

These interfaces are ordered in on request. Prices vary with the exchange rate. Freight from Holland is additional  Contact us for a quote.