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Floor Stand, Jane and Erica

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Floor Stands

The Jane Floor stand

The floor stand places the Jane at a comfortable height for sitting down while weaving.  Putting the Jane on the stand and not on the dining room table is an advantage in many households!

A second warp beam can be added by placing the beam in the stand.  This extends the length of the warp off the beam, and often improves the warp tension.

 The Erica Floor stand

  • The floor  stand will fit either Erica 30 cm or 50cm. 
  • There are 2 positions for the stand, horizontal or angled down, whichever the weaver prefers as a comfortable position. 
  • the stand is adjustable in height.

Prices include GST.   Air Freight from Holland to Sydney is  $60 and this has been added to the prices listed on the website for the stands.  Freight to your home from Epping Sydney is an additional cost. See Freight  info