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Fly Shuttle Device

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Using a fly shuttle results in a quicker pick rate, as there is less time spent in catching and positioning the shuttle, than with hand throwing.

The shuttle flies along  on the shuttle race,  within the shed, is caught in the box and then with a pull, is thrown again


  • Some weavers use them all the time, others when weaving cloth that is the full width or almost the full width of the loom

  • When first used, there is a practice time required to co-ordinate throwing, beating and treadling, to establish a rhythm.

  • Fly Shuttles are available for the Octado, Spring, Delta and Megado looms, but need to be ordered in.  Please email us.



  • Your fly shuttle device may need to be couriered to your home, as it comes in a heavy parcel.  
  • Please email for a cost before ordering on the website


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