Octado Loom - Mechanical or Electronic Dobby
Octado Loom - Mechanical or Electronic Dobby
Octado Loom - Mechanical or Electronic Dobby

Octado Loom - Mechanical or Electronic Dobby

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The Octado loom is a good choice as the weaver  never needs to crawl underneath to tie-up and change your lift for your new pattern!!  

As your weaving experience grows, you can change from a mechanical dobby to an electronic dobby.


the Octado-

Both the mechanical dobby and the electronic dobby are easy to work on...  

  • treadling  is very light.
  • removing the front beam and beater gives easy access for threading.
  • a large shed is formed by the rising back beam.
  • good even warp tension with elastic and inelastic yarns is obtained, as a result of innovative moveable front beam, (which reduces tension on the warp as the shed is opened.)
  • suitable for weaving scarves, wraps and fabrics of all types 
  •  with its attractive low line, lighter frame, it is visually small and an attractive  addition to any room
  • The loom is available in 70, 90 and 110cm weaving widths


We can assemble your loom for you, or you can assemble it yourself with the comprehensive instructions that are included.   Assembly is a 2 person job, it is best to assemble it with a friend or partner. 


When you buy an Octado loom you  buy the loom body first and then add the  lifting mechanism to it.


Lifting Mechanism can be a mechanical dobby or an electronic dobby. The mechanical dobby needs programs bars... one bar for each pick of your pattern



    Octado with  Mechanical Dobby

    • pegging and assembly of the mechnical dobby chain is easy
    • reversing the mechanical dobby is easy, patterns can be reversed at any point.
    • It comes with 20 program bars-each pick of your pattern requires one program bar.
    • The electronic dobby can be added at a later date.

    • because of its lowline frame and the position of the dobby system, patterns of less than 80 picks are an easier choice, as a longer chain would probably touch the floor...   If you want to weave longer patterns on a regular basis, its probably time to move to an electronic dobby!!

    When ordering your Octado Mechanical dobby, you should also consider how many additional program bars you need

    • program bars, are ordered  in groups of ten, (includes  joiners and pegs)


    The Octado Electronic Dobby

    • is a great loom to weave on-  
    • weave pattern as quickly as weaving plain weave, with the electronic dobby and one wide pedal.
    • As you push the pedal down, the shed is opened. As the pedal rises, the next shed is activated.
    • patterns of any pick length can be woven
    • treadling  is very light
    • has a large shed
    • The computer and software pictured are not included with the Octado loom, they are provided by the purchaser  As well as the Electronic dobby, you need to purchase weaving software, to activate the interface.
    • new electronic dobby interfaces connect to your computer with a USB cable


    When ordering your Octado loom

    consider ordering your Weaving Accessories at the same time 

    • adjustable bench - 59-72 cm (23 1/4”-28 3/8”)
    • Tilting set for bench
    • Second warp beam with back beam
    • Sectional warp beam
    • Flying Dutchman shuttle
    • Fly shuttle device
    •  additional heddles for weaves like Summer and Winter and Lace which require extra heddles on shafts 1 and 2


     Prices above include freight from Holland to Sydney.

     Your loom may need to be couriered to your home, as it comes in several large parcels.  Please email for a quote


    • Read our terms and conditions


    • Read the Blog page on Octado as it gives more information on the Octado from the Louet website..

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