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Spinning Wheel- Schacht Sidekick

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"This pint-sized gem has everything we wanted to see in a travel wheel: a terrific little spinner that is comfortable, stable, and easy to fold and unfold. We employed bicycle technology in its design: a drive wheel turned 90 degrees as on a bicycle, precise tension control for the drive band, and quick-release levers for easy folding and unfolding" Schacht

Fold it up, attach the strap—you’re ready to go!

The Sidekick is Schacht’s travel spinning wheel. It’s designed to fold easily yet be a solid spinner.



  • Folds to 54.7cm H x 21cm W x 38.2cm D.
  • Integrated storage of bobbins, flyer, and whorls for transport.
  • Lightweight at 5.9 kg
  • 35cm drive wheel
  • Ratios from 4:1 to 13:1.
  • Long, comfortable treadles.
  • Uses the same bobbins, whorls, and flyer as the Schacht Matchless, Flatiron, and Ladybug wheels. The Sidekick can be purchased without the flyer if you already own one of these wheels.
  • 63.5cm orifice height for comfortable spinning.
  • Employs Scotch tension with precise control knob.
  • The drive wheel spins on ball bearings. The flyer turns on self-aligning bearings.
  • Drive band tension adjuster allows for all whorls to be used with one drive band.

The Sidekick comes with 3 travel bobbins, fast and medium whorls, threading hook,  and adjustable carrying strap,  The red bag is currently sold out and at this time not available.

 A bulky flyer kit and bobbins gives you the opportunity to make thicker yarns or put all your plied yarn on one bobbin.

Air Freight

from US to Australia is  approximately $480 per wheel. $450 has been added to the order cost.  Please email before you order.  See Freight costs