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Spring II Floor Loom

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Spring II loom
The Spring I and  Spring 11 loom 
  •  Both are great for weaving fabric, scarves and wraps. Spring II is now sufficiently robust for floor rugs, with a heavier wood used in the frame
  • comes as 90 cm (35 3/8") and 110 cm (43 1/4") weaving width
  • can be 8 shafts or 12 shafts, with an extension kit of 4 shafts available to add to your 8 shaft loom later.
  • is a parallel countermarche loom 
  • is very light to treadle, each treadle requires a similar effort no matter what its position across the loom
  • there is no clashing of lams as the lams are parallel  to the shaft bars, and extend across the width of the loom
  • has a great shed, and both the upper and lower threads are tight when the shed is open
  • has a shuttle race.
  • threading is easy as the breast beam and beater are removable and you can sit really close to the heddles to thread
  • although it is a countermarche loom and each shaft needs to be tied to fall or to rise for each shed, tie-up is easy... all the texsolv cord is pre-cut and the screws in the pedals are sloped so that the shed is great for all tie-ups... no real thinking or making adjustments  to cord length as on other countermarche looms
  • it has a frictional brake on the warp beam, enabling you to advance the fabric sitting at your loom.  There is a ratchet and pawl on the cloth beam, making warp tension adjustment or moving the warp forward, easy
  • The beater is adjustable in height.
  • The design includes a built in raddle on top of the castle and a storage shelf
  • the loom is made from lacquered beech.
  • moveable front beam for even warp tension control.

If you want to read more about the new features of the Spring 11 click here

If you need more information on the Louet parallel countermarche system click here 

If you need more information on how the moveable front beam allows you to maintain even tension click here



A Spring II loom purchase includes

  • a stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric)-equivalent to 10dpi
  • 800 (90cm)/1200 (110cm) Texsolv heddles (392 mm)
  • tie-up and lease sticks
  • sixteen warp sticks.

Price includes some shipping from Holland to Epping, Sydney and GST.

Shipping to your home is additional  

Prices vary  with the exchange rate.   Email for a quote.

     Spring II

    Dimensions (wxdxh):
    • Spring 90 - 125 x 94 x 116 cm (48" x 37" x 45 1/2")
    • Spring 110 - 145 x 94 x 116 cm (55" x 37" x 45 1/2")
    • Spring 90 - 70 kg (150 lb)
    • Spring 110 - 80 kg (165 lb)
    • add 5.5 kg (12 lb) for an extension set.
     Accessories for purchase separately:
    • Extension set of four harnesses and four treadles
    • Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8")
    • Second warp beam with back beam (separate for Spring I and Spring II)
    • Sectional warp beam (separate for Spring I and Spring II)
    • Flying Dutchman shuttle
    • Fly shuttle device (separate for Spring I and Spring II)
    • additional heddles for weaves like Summer and Winter and Lace which require extra heddles on shafts 1 and 2
    • a kit for raising the height of the Spring II to make tie-up even easier
     If you are ordering accessories for your Spring, make sure you specify whether you have a Spring 1 or Spring 11.
    • Your loom may need to be couriered to your home, as it comes in several large parcels.  Please email for a cost before ordering on the website
    •  We can assemble your loom for you, or you can assemble it yourself with the instructions that are included.  It is best to assemble it with a friend. 
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