Concept Wheel S10

Buy a Package or Design your own Wheel!

 To celebrate Louet's  fourtieth anniversary, Louet have transformed the spinning wheel it all started with: the S10.

The S10 Concept spinning wheel takes a modular approach, so you can ....

Decide how you want your wheel to work and look from the following options: 

1) Choose your base version first.... ie decide on

  • single or double treadle
  • the type of wheel
  • whether you want Irish or Scotch tension

ST = single treadle     DT = double treadle  

2) Choose your wheel type

There are 3 wheel types:

  • Classic, the circle with the single hole
  • 3 spokes  3S
  • 5 spokes  5S

3) Choose whether you want an Irish tension wheel or a Scotch Tension wheel

  • this determines the type of mother of all...listed as IrT or ScT
  • IrT = Irish tension (Bobbin lead)      ScT = Scotch Tension (Flyer lead) 
4) Choose the flyer and bobbins

there are more varieties for the Irish tension system than the Scotch tension.

 Choose from standard flyers with hooks or sliding guides, art yarn, bulky or high speed.

  • Various bobbins: standard, high speed, high speed fat core or bulky/art yarn.
5) Choose how to support your bobbins while you ply your yarn
    • Twine rack, twine block and rack, stand-alone lazy kate or none at all.


      Each package listed below has a base, wheel, mother of all, a flyer, 3 bobbins and a twine rack and block for holding your bobbins while plying.


      Irish Tension Packages.

      SP0100  Spinning wheel S10C  ST Classic IrT   flyer with hooks
      SP0101  Spinning wheel S10C  DT Classic IrT   flyer with hooks
      SP0114  Spinning wheel S10C  ST Classic IrT   flyer with sliders
      SP0115  Spinning wheel S10C  DT Classic IrT   flyer with sliders


      SP0116  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 3S IrT   flyer with hooks
      SP0117  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 3S IrT   flyer with hooks
      SP0118  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 3S IrT   flyer with sliders
      SP0111  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 3S IrT   flyer with sliders


      SP0119  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 5S IrT   flyer with hooks
      SP0120  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 5S IrT   flyer with hooks
      SP0121  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 5S IrT   flyer with sliders
      SP0122  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 5S IrT   flyer with sliders

      e.g   SP0111   Irish Tension Package.

            S10 Concept Spinning Wheel irish tension

       Irish Tension bobbin on S10 Concept Wheel

       SP0111 Irish Tension Concept Wheel Package consists of

      • Double Treadle base, upright and hardware
      • 3 spoke wheel,
      • Irish Tension  regular flyer with sliding glides
      • 3 regular bobbins
      • block and twine race for plying yarn

       There are many more accessories and options for the Irish Tension wheel.... see below.

       Bulky flyer and bobbins for plying or spinning Art Yarn are favourites!


      Scotch Tension Packages.

      SP0123  Spinning wheel S10C  ST Classic ScT   flyer with hooks
      SP0124  Spinning wheel S10C  DT Classic ScT   flyer with hooks
      SP0125  Spinning wheel S10C  ST Classic ScT   flyer with sliders
      SP0126  Spinning wheel S10C  DT Classic ScT   flyer with sliders


      SP0127  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 3S ScT   flyer with hooks
      SP0128  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 3S ScT   flyer with hooks
      SP0129  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 3S ScT   flyer with sliders
      SP0112  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 3S ScT   flyer with sliders


      SP0130  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 5S ScT   flyer with hooks
      SP0131  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 5S ScT   flyer with hooks
      SP0132  Spinning wheel S10C  ST 5S ScT   flyer with sliders
      SP0133 Spinning wheel S10C  DT 5S ScT   flyer with sliders


       e.g SP0126  Scotch Tension Package

           S10 as a Scotch Tension Spinning Wheel

       SP0126 Scotch Tension Concept Wheel Package consists of

      • Double Treadle base, upright and hardware
      • Classic Wheel 
      • Scotch Tension flyer with sliding glides
      • 3 regular bobbins
      • block and twine race for plying yarn

      This is sufficient for a beginner to start a spinning experience!  

      A scotch tension wheel is easier to learn on, for most people.

       If you want a different wheel type...see the packages above!!

      Later, accessories like a stand alone lazy kate or a high speed set for very fine spinning could be added....

      When you wanted to ply faster, convert your wheel to Irish Tension, by buying an Irish Tension Mother of all, flyer and bobbins  ---it takes just a few minutes to convert your wheel from one system to another.


       The "Everything",  "Fully Loaded" Packages... just to dream about!!

       ( but really great value, when you add together all the components!!)

      These wonderful packages contain

        • Base: double treadle   
        • Wheel:  you choose... the classic S10 wheel, a three spoke wheel or the  five-spoke wheel,
        • Mother of all:  both Irish or Scotch tension mother of all
        • Various flyers: an Irt and a Sct flyer, with  sliding guides, art yarn flyer, a ScT high speed set ( own bobbins included)
        • Various bobbins: 3 Irt Bobbins, 3 Sct bobbins, 3 Bulky bobbins
        • For Plying stand-alone lazy kate
        • Bag 

       SP0134 Spinning Wheel S10C "Fully loaded" Classic

      SP0135 Spinning Wheel S10C "Fully loaded" 3 spoke wheel

      SP0113 Spinning Wheel S10C "Fully loaded" 5 spoke wheel



       Pack it all in a bag!!

       Every version of the S10 Concept wheel can be easily disassembled

      so it fits the optional carrying bag.


       You can always adapt the S10 Concept wheel by buying different components.

      • change from single to double treadle (or vice versa) or
      • change the design of your wheel.
      • change from Irish to Scotch tension and vice versa. So if you like to spin with Scotch tension and ply with Irish tension, you will only need to exchange the mother of all with flyer and bobbin! 


      Don’t reinvent the wheel, make it your own!


       Choose the components you want and contact us         Prices can be seen below


      Flyers and Bobbins for the Irish Tension Wheel

      SAO124   Flyer IrT   regular sliding glides           
      SAO125   Flyer IrT   regular hooks                      
      SAO131   Flyer IrT   bulky, hooks                       
      SAO135   Flyer IrT   art yarn                              
      SAO132   Flyer IrT   high speed sliding glides     

      SAO102   Bobbin IrT  regular                              
      SAO112   Bobbin IrT  bulky / art yarn                  
      SAO113   Bobbin IrT  high speed                        
      SAO115   Bobbin IrT  high speed fat core           

      Flyers and Bobbins for the Scotch Tension Wheel

      SAO127   Flyer ScT   regular, sliding glides       
      SAO145   Flyer ScT   regular,  hooks                  
      SAO117   High Speed set ScT                          

      SAO104   Bobbin ScT regular                             
      SAO114   Bobbin ScT  high speed                      


      4)  Choose your Lazy Kate, Bag  or interchangeable parts

      Lazy Kates

      The twine rack is available with shorter axles, so the Scotch tension bobbins fit well.
      The improved stand-alone lazy kate with long 6 mm axles is suitable for all bobbins: it will fit four standard/high speed bobbins or three bulky/art yarn bobbins.

      SAO119   Stand alone lazy kate                         
      SAO121   Block for twine race                              
      SAO122   Twine rack                                           
      SAO143   Twine rack ScT                                   

      Various Spinning Accessories 

      SAO100    Stand Alone skeinwinder                     
      SAO101    Niddly noddy                                          
      SAO140    Concept Wheel Bag  S10C/S11           
      SAO142   Threading Hook SCT                              

      Interchangeable Basic Parts
      SCO101   S10C    Upright, hardware, tools and manual  
      SCO102   S10C    Base single treadle                             
      SCO103   S10C    Base double treadle                            
      SCO104   S10C    Wheel Classic                                     
      SCO105   S10C    Wheel 3 spoke                                    
      SCO106   S10C    Wheel 5 spoke                                    
      SCO107   S10C    Mother of all IrT                                   
      SCO108   S10C    Mother of all ScT                                


      These prices include  a freight  estimate from Holland to Epping, Sydney   The prices are a guide and may vary with the exchange rate.

      GST has been included in the prices above.



      Then contact us with your list, for a quote.

      As you can see the list of components is long, we do have some components in stock but  we are unable to carry the complete stock  We can order in the components you want, if we do not have them.


      Make Christmas and birthdays easy for your family!

       Request another  interchangeable part for for your wonderful wheel.

      • Buy extra bobbins
      • Change your flyer
      • Buy the other mother of all and change your spinning system!






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