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Spinning Wheel - Louet S10C Concept Wheel

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Buy a Package or Design your own Wheel!

 To celebrate Louet's  fourtieth anniversary, Louet have transformed the spinning wheel it all started with: the S10.  

  • The S10 C all have a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate tension. This results in spinning wheels that are very easy to learn how to spin on, and also very suitable to spin thicker yarns.
  • Sturdily constructed of lacquered solid beech and laminated birch, it is also suitable for production spinners. The single hole in the wheel leads to a balanced flywheel, which ensures, that the wheel always stops in the place where you stop.
  • The bobbins have a whorl with three settings that can be used to obtain three spinning speeds or ratios. By using different types of bobbins and flyers, Louet spinning wheels can be used to produce every kind of yarn, from coarse wool to fine silks.
  • Each wheel comes equipped with a two bobbin lazy kate.
  • A High Speed Set is also available for this wheel for easier spinning of very fine yarns.
  • Louet wheels have  maintenance-free ball bearings in the main hub and at the footman connection,. (no lubrication is required), allowing the wheel to turn freely and quietly.
  • The spinning wheels are disassembled so that they can be packed flat and shipped economically. The assembly consists of tightening two nuts for which tools and instructions are included.
  • Specifications: - Main wheel: 50 cm (19 3/4")

As a Spinner, I much prefer Double treadle wheels,

  • They are better for your body, in that each leg is active, and it is a gentler action
  • The double treadle position one in the centre of the wheel, you are not reaching to one side, so your posture is better.

I also prefer sliding glides on the flyer arms... easier to operate, easy to move.

Each package listed below has a base, wheel, mother of all, a flyer, 3 bobbins and a twine rack and block for holding your bobbins while plying.

ST = single treadle  DT = Double treadle 3S = 3 spoke wheel  5S= 5 spoke wheel

IrT = Irish tension (Bobbin lead- the bobbin is spun by the main wheel band and the flyer is braked)   

ScT = Scotch Tension (Flyer lead - the flyer is spun by the main wheel band and the bobbin is braked ) 


Here are your choices:  Double Treadle with flyers with sliding glides 

Irish  Tension:     

 SP0115  Spinning wheel S10C  DT Classic IrT   flyer with sliders $1290

SP0111  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 3S IrT   flyer with sliders   $1315

SP0122  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 5S IrT   flyer with sliders   $1330

Photos show an the Double Treadle 3 spoke wheel with Irish tension Mother of all. The main band spins the bobbin and the flyer is braked.

         S10 Concept Spinning Wheel irish tension

Irish Tension bobbin on S10 Concept Wheel

Irish Tension Concept Wheel Package consists of

  • Double Treadle base, upright and hardware
  • classic/ 3 spoke/ or 5 spoke wheel,
  • Irish Tension  regular flyer with sliding glides
  • 3 regular bobbins
  • block and twine rack for plying yarn    

 There are many more accessories and options for the Irish Tension wheel.... see below.

 Bulky flyer and bobbins for plying or spinning Art Yarn are favourites!



Scotch Tension.

SP0126  Spinning wheel S10C  DT Classic ScT   flyer with sliders $1385

SP0112  Spinning wheel S10C  DT 3Spoke wheel ScT   flyer with sliders $1,410

SP0133 Spinning wheel S10C  DT 5Spoke wheel ScT   flyer with sliders $1420

 e.g SP0126  Scotch Tension Package

     S10 as a Scotch Tension Spinning Wheel

  Each Scotch Tension Concept Wheel Package consists of

  • Double Treadle base, upright and hardware
  • Classic /3 spoke/ 5 spoke Wheel 
  • Scotch Tension flyer with sliding glides
  • 3 regular bobbins
  • block and twine race for plying yarn
      This is sufficient for a beginner to start a spinning experience!  
      A scotch tension wheel is easier to learn on, for most people.



       Pack Your Wheel in a bag!!

       Every version of the S10 Concept wheel can be easily disassembled

      so it fits the optional carrying bag- takes about 4 mins to assemble or disassemble.



       The fully loaded S10 C 

      Everything you need to get started, plus every accessory you will ever need, 

      This Fully Loaded S10 package includes:

      • a wheel type of your choice: classic, 3 spoke or 5 spoke
      • both Irish tension and Scotch tension heads
      • Art Yarn Flyer
      • 3 bulky bobbins
      • Irish tension and Scotch tension flyers with sliding guides
      • 3 Irish tension and 3 Scotch tension standard bobbins
      • highspeed set Scotch tension
      • stand alone lazy kate
      • bag


      • Ratios: 1: 5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5
      • Orifice: 12 mm (1/2")
      • Height from the ground: 70 cm (27 5/8")
      • Weight: 6 kg (13 lb)

       This package needs to be chosen from components, please contact us.



       You can always Adapt the S10 Concept wheel by buying different components.

      • change from single to double treadle (or vice versa) or
      • change from Irish to Scotch tension and vice versa.
      •  If you like to spin with Scotch tension and ply with Irish tension, as that will allow you to ply faster,  you can convert your wheel to Irish tension by buying an Irish tension mother of all, flyer and bobbins.  It takes just a few minutes to convert your wheel from one system to another
      • add accessories like a stand alone lazy kate or a high speed set for very fine spinning


        Don’t reinvent the wheel, make it your own!  



       Choose the components you want and contact us      See photos of the components 

      Basic Components

      SCO101   S10C    Upright, hardware, tools and manual  
      SCO102   S10C    Base single treadle                        
      SCO103   S10C    Base double treadle                       
      SCO104   S10C    Wheel Classic                                     
      SCO105   S10C    Wheel 3 spoke                                  
      SCO106   S10C    Wheel 5 spoke                             
      SCO107   S10C    Mother of all IrT                                  
      SCO108   S10C    Mother of all ScT                    

      Flyers and Bobbins for the Irish Tension Wheel

      SAO124   Flyer IrT   regular sliding glides          
      SAO125   Flyer IrT   regular hooks                      
      SAO131   Flyer IrT   bulky, hooks                     
      SAO135   Flyer IrT   art yarn                             
      SAO132   Flyer IrT   high speed sliding glides    

      SAO102   Bobbin IrT  regular                             
      SAO112   Bobbin IrT  bulky / art yarn               
      SAO113   Bobbin IrT  high speed                       
      SAO115   Bobbin IrT  high speed fat core       

      Flyers and Bobbins for the Scotch Tension Wheel

      SAO127   Flyer ScT   regular, sliding glides     
      SAO145   Flyer ScT   regular,  hooks              
      SAO117   High Speed set ScT                         

      SAO104   Bobbin ScT regular                           
      SAO114   Bobbin ScT  high speed                   


        Choose your Lazy Kate, Bag  or interchangeable parts

      Lazy Kates

      The twine rack is available with shorter axles, so the Scotch tension bobbins fit well.
      The improved stand-alone lazy kate with long 6 mm axles is suitable for all bobbins: it will fit four standard/high speed bobbins or three bulky/art yarn bobbins.

      SAO119   Stand alone lazy kate    $260                     
      SAO121   Block for twine rack   $85                        
      SAO122   Twine rack IrT       $40                                 
      SAO143   Twine rack ScT     $40                             

      Various Spinning Accessories 

      SAO100    Stand Alone skeinwinder                 $320  
      SAO101    Niddly noddy           $85                              
      SAO140    Concept Wheel Bag  S10C/S11   $265       
      SAO142   Threading Hook SCT       $20


      These prices include  a freight  estimate from Holland to Epping, Sydney   The prices are a guide and may vary with the exchange rate.

      GST has been added to the prices above.


      Then contact us with your list, for a quote.

      As you can see the list of components is long, we do have some components in stock but  we are unable to carry the complete stock  We can order in the components you want, if we do not have them.

      Currently we have 2 wheels in stock but can order in for you... always email to check!  

      Make Christmas and birthdays easy for your family!

       Request another  interchangeable part for for your wonderful wheel.

      • Buy extra bobbins
      • Change your flyer
      • Buy the other mother of all and change your spinning system!